Digital Technologies Related to Information Systems

Module Overview

It focuses on the concepts on digital technologies for information systems development and advanced technologies for data analytics.

Key Points

Information Systems Development

  • Management of system development project
  1. Project management methodology: Agile

    • It is a project management approach for system development, which is iteratively implemented to align the requirements from third party and the development team.
    • Examples: Extreme Programming, Scrum
  • Database design and implement
  1. Entity-Relationship Diagram

    • It describes the relationships between entities, such as objects. For usual, one objects corresponds one table in a database.
  2. Data Flow Diagram

    • It graphically interprets the process for processing information in a system.
  • Procedure and structure for information system development
  1. Life cycle for structuring system development

    • investigation, analysis, design, programming, testing, deployment, maintenance
  • Basic facilities of information system
  1. Open-source software

  2. SQL

  3. Cloud Resources

Data Analytics

In business, the information systems and data analytics be usually combined to execute business intelligence tasks.

  • Machine learning
  1. Fundamental technique for data analytics

    • It automatically to execute data analytics task for the built model.
  • Artificial intelligence
  1. Wide usage on simulating human intelligence

In-class Notes from Myself

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